Kewlanu AB Privacy Commitment

We do not intentionally collect personal data but we do need to collect data about the usage of services and applications with a single goal to be able to better enhance them. We do this collection using many different means.

Should any personally identifiable data or inferable data unintentionally be collected (through our app or through 3:rd party helper analytics services that we may include in our apps) we will never sell or share such data knowingly, unless legally required.

Please note that some 3:rd party analytics services including but not exclusive to e.g. those built-in by device manufacturers may ask for user approval before collecting data and ask the user to enter into separate agreements.

In summary: We believe strongly in end user privacy and we will do our best to protect it but it is difficult and we can not make any guarantees in what is a complex eco-system of device, software and service providers.

This policy may be updated without notification.

The continued use of any of our services and applications is considered an implied approval of this policy.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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